Stop Smoking Hypnosis

stop smoking hypnosis



Quit smoking while you still have a chance!

I have helped many smokers overcome the addiction of smoking, they have mainly come from the Warrington or Cheshire area but I still see people from much further afield, from Liverpool to Manchester and as far as Blackpool.

Following my specialist training in smoking cessation (Cert.S.C.S), I developed a one session approach to helping people quit smoking for good. I also price my sessions extremely competitively. And I even back you up with a free follow on session should you require it.

  • Have you tried to quit several times before, but ran out of will power?
  • Did you try nicotine patches, spray or gum to no avail?
  • Did you try a prescribed medication to help you quit smoking but it still didn’t work?

I hear these things all the time from my smoking clients and it can be really demotivating when any attempt to quit smoking fails.

You want to stop smoking and you want to stay that way!

The first thing you need to ask yourself is this:

“Do I need to stop smoking, or do I want to stop smoking?”

If the answer is anything but ‘WANT TO’, then I suggest you rethink your strategy until you become fully aware of your desire to ‘want to stop smoking’.

Hypnosis is great at building your will power and determination to quit smoking for good and remain an ex-smoker for the rest of your life! But it is the skill ofquit smoking hypnotherapy the hypnotherapist to uncover the triggers, urges and reasons why the smoking habit exists and to work with these factors rather than just read something from a page. We need to use your experiences to help you in the long run.

I design my session around you, the individual and use strong suggestion and visualisation to remove the habit. I do firmly believe that smoking is more habit than anything else, and habits can be broken!

The unconscious part of your brain continues your habit because it believes that it is assisting you, that it is giving you something you desire. Like any habit, it doesn’t take long to form and because the unconscious part of your mind works with what you give it, it will very easily carry on with any habit you start.

This is why I hear many smokers say “I am totally fed up with smoking, but I can’t seem to stop?”, or “I seem to have a cigarette when I really don’t need one, and I don’t even enjoy it!”.

Sound familiar??

Using techniques proven to be effective in the change process, we can identify the part of you that wants to stop smoking and the part that want to continue and resolve the conflict. This is often described as the ‘Angel & Devil’ on your shoulder.

Hypnotherapy for smoking

Once you have decided that you ‘WANT’ to stop smoking then the hypnotherapy is even more effective. If you merely need to quit but actually you still lie smoking then the success rates are diminished!

I tell you this openly so that you do not waste your time and money on hoping that hypnosis is some form of brain washing. It is true that hypnotherapy has been scientifically proven to help the individual achieve change, but it is not magic and it cannot influence free will.

Therefore, if you really don’t want to quit, but are trying to use hypnosis as a way of stopping, your free will win win through! Hypnotherapy cannot make you do or say anything against your will, despite what you may see on the TV!

This will help you make a more educated decision in what you choose to do and hopefully will help you save money!

The benefits of quitting Smoking!


  • Think of the money you will save!
  • Think of the health benefits!
  • Think about ridding yourself or your home from that stale awful smell!
  • Think about getting your taste buds back!
  • Think about being BACK IN CONTROL!


Can you afford not to quit???

My session lasts from 90 minutes to two hours depending on the individual and the backup session (should you require it) is between an 60 minutes and 90 minutes and the best thing is – The backup session is FREE of charge!!