Weight loss hypnotherapy Warrington

weight loss warrington
  • Are you struggling to reach your target weight?
  • Are you snacking and can’t seem to stop?
  • Are you eating much larger portions than you need to?
  • Are you eating in response to emotions?
  • Are you lacking in motivation?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then weight loss hypnosis may be the right direction for you!

I see many women and men for weight loss in Warrington and most problems follow a familiar thread or theme – HABIT.

weight loss hypnosisThe unconscious part of our mind is very good at forming habits and very often you may find yourself eating without realising, or reaching for something to eat, and finding you have no control over your actions or behaviours. If we carry out a particular behaviour for a few weeks then the new habit is formed and the unconscious backs up that behaviour. (Thanks very much subconscious!)

BUT WAIT… Our subconscious is our protector and is responsible for keeping us going, controlling our heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and body temperature – we just need to point it in the right direction.

In hypnosis we can tackle the weight loss at an unconscious level. We do this by using a wealth of hypnotic techniques such as ‘direct suggestion’, ‘visualisation, ‘reframing’ and ‘ego state therapy’. All these techniques are designed with you in mind and therefore they are not scripted, this means that each session is designed around you and no one else.

Weight loss hypnosis can be very effective in: boosting self motivation, promoting healthy eating choices, removing habits, dealing with emotions responsible for eating and many other facets of a weight loss regime.


Sorry for the big bold heading, but I feel this is important. All the people I have helped to lose weight have not dieted! They Hypnosis for healthmay have done in the past, but those diets failed! We simply focus on learning about the stomach. We stop when the stomach says we are full!

This may sound very simplistic and the way we approach this is to remove old beliefs about food such as “I was always told to finish everything on my plate as a child”. These are what we call core beliefs, instilled in us as children by our parents or guardians. Weight loss can be very difficult with these beliefs in place, so I use powerful techniques to remove these old beliefs and formulate new ones!


Weight loss Hypnosis

I run my  ‘Weight loss hypnotherapy’ sessions in my comfortable purpose built office in the Old Hall area of Warrington. My office is separate to my house so you have complete privacy during the process. My sessions last up to 90 mins so I give you as much of my time to achieve the change that you want.

lose weight with hypnosisHypnosis has been scientifically proven to be effective in changing peoples habits, but you need to give it a chance to be effective. Any therapist that tells you hypnosis is a magic wand and that a session will sort you out for the rest of your life, isn’t being really very honest with you. It will take more than a few sessions to achieve permanent change. Giving you an extra bit of time in the session will help you in the long run.

I also give my clients things to take away with them, sheets to monitor eating and weight loss and I also give you access to my website audio recordings free of charge to help you in between sessions. This will give you even more chance of success in the future!

If you are serious about losing weight, easily, effortlessly and automatically, then you may want to choose hypnosis to help you in your quest of obtaining a slimmer and healthier body.

If you want to talk to me before making any decisions on weight loss hypnotherapy, then I would be more than happy to have an over the phone chat with you and you can ask me any questions you like, this will help you make a better informed decision on the correct direction for you!


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