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Hypnotherapy Warrington

Chris Clarkson

Psychotherapist and hypnotherapist


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“If you are struggling, let me help you get back on track.”

“Chris has appeared on BBC Radio and has acted as an advisor to the TV industry” 

“Chris is also one of the experts used on ‘inspire corporate TV’ which aims to help bring wellness to employees in the workplace”

“Trusted by companies to enhance mental health awareness amongst staff”


The efficacy of hypnotherapy is well documented, and the same goes for psychotherapy and the techniques I incorporate! A careful and structured combination of the two can be a very powerful tool!  

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you will enjoy reading up on hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and how the two combined may help you to overcome your problems.

We all suffer moments of emotional hardship at some point in our life. Life in general can be a real uphill struggle, but for some people, over a period of time, these difficulties become magnified. You may feel stuck in life or not know which way to turn.

I have helped many people throughout Warrington with their issues of anxiety, mood disorders, fears and phobias, emotional problems, smoking and weight loss, even if you aren’t local to Warrington, you will find that it is quite close to Liverpool and Manchester and I regularly help clients from these areas too.


It can be tough trying to make a decision to see someone for help, a lot of people put it off for months or even years before making that really important decision to tackle their problem. And I know that it can also be a little daunting to make that first contact, so please take your time and when you are ready just give me a call, I will be more than happy to chat with you over the phone to help you feel more relaxed and answer any of your questions.

I am a warm hearted and empathetic hypno-psychotherapist working from my consulting room in Warrington, Cheshire. My clients tell me that I have a natural ability to make people feel comfortable and relaxed which really helps with the process of talking through your problems. In fact, just talking through your problems with someone who completely understands, can be extremely therapeutic in itself. We don’t often open up in the same way to colleagues, friends or even family, so it is your time to get things off your chest and chat through all your expectations with someone who understands your problems.

I use an integrative approach to therapy, which means that I don’t just stick to one school of therapeutic intervention. I use CBT (cognitive Behavioural Therapy), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, MetaCognitive therapy, Gestalt and Ego state therapy. Everyone is different and will react to different styles of therapy, so it’s nice to have a number of strategies at hand s we can choose the best way to help you through your problems.


Hypnotherapy in Warrington


What can I help you with?

Combining hypnotherapy and psychotherapy together gives you an even better chance of recovery or to achieve positive change in your life. I have helped many people from the North West to overcome their emotional problems or to help them to Quit Smoking using my specialist ‘Stop smoking hypnosis” one session approach, or to help people to manage and lose weight using hypnosis and other techniques.

Have a look at the treatments I provide and don’t worry if you have a specific problem not listed, just drop me an email or a phone call and we can discuss your needs.

You may also find me on the Hypnotherapy Directory.

Registered with Hypnotherapy Directory

Registered with The National Society Of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

Registered with The Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council


Which hypnotherapist is the right one for me?

Always call before you book an appointment. If you don’t want to call, then write an email to the therapist and ask them to answer any questions you may have about hypnosis. Make sure they have had suitable training and not just via the internet or over a few weekends. If you are placing your mental health in the hands of another person, you need to make sure they know about the conditions they say they can work with. Make sure they are registered with the CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Healthcare council), this register was set up via the Department of Health and is to recognise many therapies and the practitioners training and expertese. You may also prefer to see a male or a female hypnotherapist. So do some homework and find the one that fits you the best.


accredited and registered hypnotherapist and psychotherapist