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sports performance hypnotherapyWhen we think of sports people, we often see them as super focused and physically at their peak. However, if you look a little deeper you will see that many of these sports people are using techniques to get them in the ‘flow’. Even the highly polished athletes of the Olympic games use calming techniques to help them focus on the win.

At the pool side, you will see highly trained swimmers enter the poolside wearing headphones to focus. Racing drivers will visualise the track, the line, the breaking points. A sprinter will look straight up the track to the finishing line and focus on only that. They learn to drown out all the crowd shouting and cheering.

The Golfer who is about to Putt for the win and has to focus and be calm in order to sink that ball in the cup.

It is great being in wonderful physical shape, having trained in your chosen sport for days, weeks, months and years. But if your mind is in the wrong place then the race, game, match or event may have already been lost!


Many sports teams in the world, actually employ a hypnotherapist to help with motivation, focus, calmness and mental strength so that the team has the upper hand, the advantage over their competitors. From amateurs to professional stars, hypnotherapy can be a fantastic addition to your sports performance.

hypnosis for sportHypnotherapy can help with your sports performance by mentally readying your mind for the win or for the perfect game. Some

people may fear doingsomething, a particular form or a technique that they are unsure about, hypnotherapy can help that person gain confidence and strength is approaching all aspects of their chosen sport.


I have worked with Golfers, Show jumpers, footballers, Martial artists, Boxers, cyclists and athletes. And the goal is always the same – To win! Second best is not an option, so we work with getting the correct mental attitude using some wonderful hypnotic techniques so that the person is in exactly the right frame of mind to believe that they can and they will succeed!

So how do I help? I use whatever I need to use from my extensive repertoire of mind enhancing techniques. I discard the stuff that I feel is not going to help, I adapt to the person sat in front of me. There are some NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques that are very effective, aspectsports hypnotherapys of Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) that help you change your negative thinking into positive thinking, Hypnosis to access the unconscious part of the mind to rewrite behaviours and emotions that prevent you from achieving your best. I also use other psychotherapy techniques to help.

Everyone is different and that is why sports performance hypnosis recordings are only minimally effective as they are targeting a particular sport but not any particular person. We need to know about you! What you want, how you operate, your negative beliefs, your motivation, your style of thinking, your goals and wishes.

And they will be very different from person to person. It would be unprofessional of me to read you a pre written hypnosis script, so I use your language, your wishes and desires – designed for you, just for you and for you only!

If you really wish to enhance your sports performance in an effective way, then hypnotherapy for sports performance could be just the thing you need to put you in first place!

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