Confidence & Self Confidence

Hypnotherapy for confidenceConfidence is our ability to carry out something in which we feel assured or certain about. This also applies to predictions that the person feels are correct.

When we talk of self confidence, we mean the assurance and confidence in yourself rather than in a particular task.

When we feel low self confidence we often feel unable to express ourselves authentically, we lose belief in ourselves and our ability to succeed in certain circumstances. We tend to dwell on the negative aspects of the task in hand, so if we are about to go out to a party, we may feel like we won’t have anything to say or that people may not like us, and this negative appraisal of the event reduces our self-confidence further.

Positive and confident people seem able to dwell more on the positive aspects. They are more likely to believe in their abilities and capabilities, whereas a person lacking in confidence will feel the opposite.

If you think about the boundless confidence that young toddlers have, it’s easy to see that we are born authentic. We are born with the confidence to crawl and then to stand up. And then, through life experiences, we begin to either gain more confidence or we lose it, we lose belief in ourselves. Normally our thought processes get in the way. There are those who think they can, and there are those who think they can’t – And they are both right!

Hypnotherapy for Self Confidence

Give your confidence a lift through hypnosis!


Using a unique and structured approach of Hypnosis, CBT and NLP, we can begin to work through the three areas that will help you improve your life, your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviours!

We can readjust the way you view yourself and the way you feel that others view you and use strong hypnotic visualisations and suggestions to help you to see yourself acting and behaving confidently. To identify and tackle the way you think about situations or your own abilities and challenge those thoughts and beliefs.

We can identify and work with your core beliefs; these are beliefs we hold about ourselves, others, or the world around us. If you were told to always be quiet when you were a child, you may have the belief that it’s best to keep quiet in all situations. Or perhaps when you were young, you did something and everyone laughed at you, at that point you may have felt embarrassed and your confidence will have been knocked. Then you form the belief that it’s best not to embarrass yourself infront of anyone again, so you drift into the background.

All these things can be worked on using my expertise and understanding of your needs. You can start to feel confident once again.

I see quite a lot of confidence related problems in my Warrington office and have helped many people overcome their issues, so if you feel that you need a confidence boost in your life then give me a call or drop me an email.


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