Stress relief and management

 Hypnotherapy for stress relief.


hypnotherapy for stressA little bit of stress is perfectly normal and healthy; it helps us with our motivation. Its what gets us out of bed in the morning and gets our muscles moving and ready for the day ahead.

Stress is naturally occurring and is a physiological and psychological response to changing or demanding conditions or situations. In essence, Stress is a defensive psychological reaction to those conditions. When we feel unable to cope with those situations or demands then it creates pressure and an inability to cope. It becomes distress!

32% of people are now seeking help from their doctors due to stress related issues. Although this number is alarmingly high, at least the people who seek help are actively doing something about the problem. But there are many more who struggle each day without help or guidance.

Some of these stressful situations may be real and others perceived. So it’s our response to hazardous situations. What I mean by this is that if we faced the stress of moving house for example, this is a very real situation. But sometimes we use our minds in an overactive manner and we worry about things that haven’t happened yet, so the threat is imagined.

However, when stress becomes pronounced and is felt each and every day it becomes a ‘stress disorder’, and f left untreated, it can lead to emotional distress and health problems. When we feel this level of stress, it will almost certainly trigger the ‘fight or flight response’.

This response is hard wired into us all and helps us cope with immediate danger such as running away from a threatening situation. But when the stress is related to perceived danger, created in our minds, the response is exactly the same.

Adrenaline is released as well as cortisol, often called the stress hormone and if the body isn’t allowed to return to a normal relaxed state then chronic stress may result.

Symptoms of stress response are:


What tends to happen to our thoughts under stress, is that they can seem to lock onto a particularly distressing theme, be it work, health or financial worries. Hypnosis for stressThese thoughts are difficult to control as the more you try and stop them the more they become stronger.

Our concentration is affected and our ability to learn is hindered. We use assumption rather than evidence to create our belief in the situation.

Research has shown that we should not try to suppress thoughts or try to stop them but to accept that they are there and try to observe what is happening, to perhaps challenge the thoughts by looking at the situation from many different angles. My structured approach can helo you address these areas.

What we think affects the way we feel and behave. In both negative and positive ways. And we may start to bring in to effect certain coping strategies to help with the symptoms. We may turn to alcohol, or excessive smoking or some people seek comfort in over eating. As with most self found coping strategies, they only help to mask the underlying issue, which remains unchallenged.

Stress management and help


stress reliefUsing the structured techniques of hypnotherapy, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and Ego state therapy, you will learn how to better control your stress levels by reacting to the stressors in a more relaxed and rational way. There are many techniques to employ here and some more suited to others which is why i tailor my approach to each unique individual. It has to be this way rather than merely read some prewritten session to my client. I listen and construct the sessions especially for you.

I have helped many people overcome their stress related issues in the Warrington area of Cheshire but have also helped people from the Liverpool and Manchester regions.

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