Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy for addictions

alcohol addiction helpAddictions come in all shape and forms, it doesn’t just have to be drugs or alcohol, although these are the regular addictions I help with at my hypnotherapy practice in Warrington, Cheshire.

Addiction can be linked with substance abuse which includes drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin or even prescribed medication such as opiates and other pain killers. More recently I have helped clients overcome addiction of ketamine which s a very strong tranquilliser/anaesthetic.

Addiction is also attached to alcohol consumption, certain foods and smoking.

Gambling addiction has always been a problem but because of the increase in online gambling and the building of new casino’s and bookmakers, gambling has now taken on an even bigger role in the destruction of mental well being, relationships and finances – causing extreme anxieties and even depression..

There are many types of gambling and gamblers out there and it is a problem, like any other addiction, that can be overcome. With the help of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy techniques  you can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, although it will require work from you!

Other forms of addiction include, shopping, online gaming, pornography, sex addiction and even being addicted to the internet or your smart phone. I recently helped a person who was addicted to facebook and spent up to 6 hours a day on the application!

Addictions can have a very negative impact on the persons life but it may also impact on the lives of those who are close to the addict and it is important to know that we cannot change the habit if the person involved doesn’t want to change! If you are a friend or partner or even a parent of an addict and you are looking for help, then I will always point you in the right direction and give you all the information you require – this will help you talk to the addict to help them make up their own mind as the the direction of help they desire. Don’t try to force the addict to come to therapy as this often creates such a negative experience for them that they often drop out of therapy.

Why do we become addicted?

drug addiction helpAddiction is there for a reason, otherwise it wouldn’t exist. It serves a purpose! The addictive part of the individual is keeping the addiction alive by providing a positive intent.

What does this mean?

Because at first, the activity is in some way enjoyable and this soon compels the addict. For an alcohol addict, they may be using alcohol at firs socially or as a way to feel a little better inside, but this may lead to drinking to deaden certain feelings, for example, If they are experiencing depression, anxiety, frustration, stress or anger – these are pretty strong emotions. If these emotions are not dealt with at the cause then the individual carries on feeling these negative emotions. drinking to excess helps the individual to cope with the feelings by drowning them out.

The same can be said for drug addictions, although this may have started as a bit of experimentation and personal enjoyment, which then lead to the addiction being formed. It doesn’t take too long for an addiction to be formed, rather like a habit.

Whether a substance is used for temporary escapism or to numb certain feelings, the addiction will continue until the person decides to tackle the underlying reasons.

Help for addictions

Once you have decided that you want help to overcome your addiction problem then the first step is to help with addictionsmake an appointment or to have a chat over the phone.

Following my hypnotherapy for addictions programme you can begin to take back control!

You have to stay in the treatment process! Leaving treatment early can jeopardise the effectiveness of the treatment plan. Regular sessions will help deal with the emotions and change that you will go through. I will provide you with coping strategies and recordings to listen to in between sessions.

It really is up to you. You could look at a ‘cost/benefit’ of the therapy this way:


  • The commitment it takes
  • The time it takes and your efforts
  • Financial cost


  • You control your addiction
  • You become free from the self destructive habit
  • Financial benefits of being free
  • Your mental health improves
  • Your physical health improves
  • Relationships improve
  • You get your life back!!

If you are looking for addiction help in the Warrington area or even the North West, then why not give me a call and we can have a chat over the phone. I will always spend time talking to you and I don’t charge for a chat on the phone. I want to make sure you feel comfortable with the process and you may ask me any questions at all.

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