Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy Fees



I operate Monday through to Friday from 09:00AM to 08:00PM

And Saturday 09:00AM to 01:00PM.

My preferred payment method is by card, but I also take cheques and online payments too.

I accept all major credit cards, cash or cheques, whatever is comfortable for you.

If you wish to pay by American express, I will have to add 4% to the fee due to the service charge.


How long will it take for me to feel better?


If it is for quitting smoking, I do it in one session, with a free back up if it’s needed.

But for other issues it can take a little time. Remember to be patient with therapy, for anxiety issues it can take 5 sessions, sometimes less, sometimes more. It really depends on the individual and the depth of the feelings and what they are associated to.

For depression it can take a lot longer.

I always try to help my clients in a timely manner. My commitment is to not keep you in therapy for any longer than you need to be and I am always open and realistic about how long it will take. This is why an in depth consultation is essential, so I can evaluate the best way forward.

It is best to attend a session once a week for the first part and then, it can be spread out over a longer period. It’s something we should go through together so that we find the perfect balance. I also provide audio sessions free of charge for you to listen to in between sessions and give you other tools to take away that will help you.



 Consultation £60

(consultation usually lasts 90 minutes)

Probably one of the most important parts of the process. This will last up to 90 mins and may contain some intervention work. It depends on the history of the problem, what the problem is, and the amount of time remaining.


Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy sessions £60

(sessions last between 60 to 70 minutes)


Gastric Band Hypnosis £300

5 session program which includes help with cravings, reducing food intake and then the hypnotic fitting of the gastric band.


Smoking Cessation session £90

(one session approach at 90 minutes)

I have a specialist certificate in ‘smoking cessation’ cert.S.C.S(NC)


I accept all major credit cards, cheques and cash. Whatever you prefer.


Hypnosis payments