Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

Fear of flying hypnotherapyA fear of flying will often ruin a holiday, the worry and dread of getting on a plane and even if the affected person makes it abroad, they have the return journey to worry about, so they cannot relax at all.

For others who suffer from a fear of flying, there is simply no way that they would board a plane, so they avoid the situation by holidaying in their own country. The unfortunate thing about this is, that the more the person avoids the more the fear of flying will grow.

Flying phobia is surprisingly common throughout the world and it may affect the individual for years until they decide to eliminate the fear once and for all. Phobias can be relatively easy to shift unless there are deeper issues at play, but even then, we can reduce the fear to be a more rational feeling, so that you can once again enjoy going on your holidays or travel for a work assignment.

What causes a fear of flying?


flying phobia treatment

There are probably a number of things that can cause a fear of flying. Often the fear is caused after a particularly bad flight, perhaps were there has been high turbulence. Even though planes are built to withstand tremendous pressures, the fear is generated in the mind and a perception of danger is formed. We then use the thought that all journeys will be the same.

Many people developed a fear of flying after the 9-11 terrorist strikes in America. They fear the plane being hijacked, however because of the strikes on America, the security in airports has never been stronger and more secure.

I also see people who are afraid to fly after they have had children. The fear almost transposes onto the safety of the child or children.

There is also the fear of the plane losing control and crashing. Even though most people will understand that this thought or belief is totally irrational. The probability of this occurring are extremely slight. Travelling by plane is the safest form of travel, I know you probably hear this a lot, but statistically the chances of being in a plane crash are 1 in 11 million!!

Another problem for flight phobics is the feeling of being trapped in the plane, this is a form of claustrophobia can cause a fear of flying, and this can also be dealt with too.


Fear of Flying treatment using advanced hypnotherapy and CBT


If you suffer from flying phobia or know someone who has a fear of flying in Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester or Liverpool, then there is a solution. Using my advanced cognitive hypnotherapy approach we can reduce and lift the fear all together. The route of the fear can be found and addressed. Very often the fear is at a deep unconscious level and in many cases that I have addressed, the actual fear has nothing to do with planes or flying at all! In other cases, the person will be able to verbalise the fear and may even be aware of when it was first felt. We call this an initial sensitising event, which effectively means that there was an actual event that caused the fear of flying, such as turbulence on a particular flight.

We work with replacing the anxiety with calmness and can also deal with past negative experiences so we can eliminate their old meaning and create a new understanding of the situation.

I also give my fear of flying clients a special recording that they can listen to in between sessions.

If you have decided  that it is time that you or a loved one, overcame this fear of flying or flying phobia then I would be delighted to help liberate you from this fear. Can you imagine just being able to get on a plane with no problems and fly that journey to your destination, relax on your holiday and then enjoy the return trip!

Fear of flying hypnotherapy in Warrington.

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