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What is Self Esteem?

When it comes to mental health and psychology the word self esteem relates to an individual’s perception of self worth and how they value themselves as a person. It is a kind of personality quality which effectively means that it is constant and stable. Self Esteem often revolves around core beliefs, which are beliefs about ourselves, others and the world around us. In self esteem terms, the belief if more focused on ourselves rather than other people, although we may judge ourselves in relation to others.

It is our sense of worthiness and pride that thrives from within us.

We can have negative appraisals about our looks, our feelings, our resulting behaviours and our beliefs.

There are said to be certain ingredients for self esteem.

  • It is strong human need that is required so that person survives and develops in a normal and healthy manner.
  • It grows naturally and automatically within an individual and is shaped by that persons perceptions and belief system.
  • Our thoughts, feelings and behaviours shape our self esteem.

Low self esteem

Low self esteem develops in many ways and isn’t always about the way we look. It can develop in abusive relationships where a partner is constantly told they are useless or pathetic or that they do everything wrong. It can develop in childhood through bullying and this applies also to bullying from parents and teachers and not just the stereotypical schoolyard bully. It may also develop through our thinking styles and we may attach ‘personalisation’ to all events that are negative, blaming ourselves for the reason of the negative event, thinking that everything is somehow our fault and that we are responsible for bad things that happen.

People with low self-esteem, will often put themselves down and will be overly sensitive to criticisms from other people, feeling as though they are somehow being attacked.

It can effect the individuals ability to make decisions through a fear of making a mistake.

Often a person with low self worth with want to please other people all the time as a way of getting a positive evaluation, to feel a little worthiness.

Very often, a person with low self esteem will exhibit perfectionist traits, setting the bar too high and then beating themselves up when the goal isn’t reached.

They will often look back through their life as a series of blunders and mistakes, feeling as though they have failed more than the average person.

Help for low self-esteem

The good news is that low self-esteem can be turned around. It just needs to be challenged in the right manner. Using psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for self esteem, the individual can start to understand how it developed and to start to learn a new attitude towards themselves. The individual can begin to challenge their thought styles so that maladaptive thoughts can be changed to more helpful ones, based on evidence.

In our one to one hypnotherapy sessions, we work together to build the self worth by working with your feelings, thought and behaviours. To bring it back to the surface where it belongs, very often we bury our worth by overlooking any of the positives, so we work with raising your awareness of the positive attributes you may have, even if you think there are none.

I use hypnotherapy for self esteem issues as well as Psychotherapy interventions such as ego state therapy to access the unconscious part of your mind, this bit of you that deals with emotions, habit and behaviour. Once we can access the source of the low self esteem we can begin to work with the unconscious mind to release the true self, bringing back the self worth that you deserve.

Building up your self esteem is one of the most important things you caould do for yourself! It is time to be positively selfish and to do something for yourself, put yourself first for once and feel the benefit. Once you have your self-esteem intact, you will never look back!

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